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A little on worming........

If you are one of those owners who worms their dog every 6 months or even more you may be interested to know that this practise is no longer needed just to ensure that your dogs are worm free.

There are now places which you can send a sample of your dog's faeces to and obtains results to know if your dog actually needs to be wormed, it can be a lot cheaper than actually paying for chemical wormers too, depending on the size of your dog.

Click HERE to be re-directed to Worm Count, the kits only cost £6.50 each and include P&P to UK address, a sample pot, leakproof bag, instructions sheet, return address label and a padded bag!

For those who worry that constantly subjecting our dogs to chemical wormers they may not need, I think this is an excellent and inexpensive methos of putting your mind at rest. 

Raw fed dogs and worms

Contrary to popular belief, raw fed dogs are not more prone to picking up worms, or indeed being gifted them, by the food they are eating! 

All dogs are prone to picking up worms and they don't need to eat infested food for this to happen, they can pick up a dose from walking in the local park!

Worms however, hate a healthy host and to be fair, most raw fed dogs are a whole lot healthier than their unfortunate commercially fed buddies It is not ofen that you will encounter a raw fed dog that has a heavy worm burden, I guess this is because most intestinal worms feed off partly digested food in the dog's gut. When we raw feed, food is processed a great deal faster than when we commercially feed, and this, along with the raw diet itself will create a more hostile environment for the parasites to thrive. 

OK, so you have your results back from worm count and your dog has nevertheless tested positives for worms - what now? 

On a more personal note - My family have not annually boosted their dogs for over 27 years now and are very happy with this choice - our dogs rarely get sick, but if ever they do, we will know that this has not been caused by something they did not need to recieve - an annual booster!

Can you honestly say the same - if you continue to annually boost? 

Well..........If you chose not to use a chemical wormer, there are several 'alternative' and natural methods of dealing with a dog's intestinal worms.

Here are a few and links, each one will redirect you to the product.

Home worming solutions


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