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This flyer, written by Ann Ridyard was posted on Facebook.........

 Please note, this flyer is not intended to replace veterinary advice, it is merely here to make you QUESTION it !!

It had the most tremendous impact and recieved over 1500 shares from users living in the UK and other countries in less than four days

It attracted the attention of a radio station and a correspondant for the local newspaper.

I put that piece of information together, as I thought it would get people to think and question, it certainly did that 

But this is not 'new news' and I am certainly not the person who discovered all this - this information has been available for a long time to anybody interested enough in annual vaccination to find out for themselves.

Bold claims indeed........But really are they so bold?

For the benefit of owners struggling with the decision to annually boost or not, I thought a breakdown on the flyer and its claims, with suitable links provided, so you could check all this out for yourself would be very helpful to you.  

 ''Did you know that is it no longer recommended to annually vaccinate''

Has your vet ever told you this?

This is where a lot of confusion lies as some of the veterinary governing bodies around the world do not fall in line with with current advice given out by the top of the chain - The World Small Animal Veterinary Association - WSAVA

In 2007, they laid down recomendations which do not include the idiscriminate annual vaccination of your pet, instead, they recommend vaccination should not be any more than 3 yearly.

Some countries adopted the recommendations immediately, unfortunately the UK wasn't one of them.

What also added to the confusion is that certain vaccines, when licensed included a data sheet that was current for the product at the time of licensing - this may now not correspond to current scientific recommendations.

Your vet may think he will get sued if your dog becomes ill, as a result of him giving you differing advice to what may actually be printed on the data sheet of the particular vaccine he is using at the time. Vets are afterall supposed to follow the instructions on the packet of any drug which they are using !!

But they do have a 'get out' clause if this is ideed the case

This is taken straight from the WSAVA guidelines.......

'' Veterinarians should feel comfortable about vaccinating according to the schedules given in these guidelines but should cross-reference these with local recommendations where available. Where the VGG recommendations differ from current legal requirements, the practitioner need only obtain informed client consent to provide that client, and the animal, with a current evidence-based vaccination schedule''.

So, if your vet hasn't told you for 'legal reasons' this is not a reason at all

The cynical side is poking a sharp finger at me.......Maybe when some vets choose the vaccinations they use - they deliberately go for the ones with outdated recommendations on - so that they can still 'legitimately' encourage annual vaccination and all that extra revenue it brings.......NO!! don't be silly blink A vet surely wouldn't chose the vaccinations he uses based on this??

I am not a vet, so not privvy to that particular data sheet in that particular vaccine, but you could always ask him ?    

''Did you know that this could potentially kill him?''

Has your vet ever told you this?

Vaccine reactions can and do happen - unfortunately many of them go un-reported as they are not recognised as a vaccine damage. These can range from the very minor, such as ear condition, skin problems - to the quite major like immune disorders and cancers.

If you are in any doubt that this is the case, then your vet may not be the best person to tell you about this as stated - so many are not recognised.

Please view this clip from youtube, but be warned it is a tear jerker - real pets - real lives - ruined by vaccine damage - something the did not need to have..........

  The dark side of pet vaccination

For a list of all the conditions or disorders and damage over vaccination can induce, please check out this page from The Pet Welfare Alliance site.

This all mostly explains the next statement on the flyer too

''Did you know that annual vaccines can cause all sorts of reactions''

Has your vet ever told you this?

Just to expand on that flyer a little though, there is another major issue when vaccinating pets - or over vaccinating them. Your puppy should be 100% healthy at the time of vaccination and so should your dog when he recieves his annual booster - if you still chose to have this done.

Further more if your dog or puppy is not fit and well at the time of innoculation, this could have a huge impact on your dog's health. The 'instructions on the packet' state that dogs who are not healthy - should not be vaccinated - Has your vet ever told you that????

Vaccines are intended for use in healthy animals only. Sick dogs are at increased risk of drug reaction, including anaphylactic shock and death.

Think back - has your dog ever been boosted when sick?

Moving on.....  

''Did you know that any vet who pushes unnecessary annual vaccines on your pet is breaking his oath?''

Is your particular vet educated enough to know this?'

This statement seems to have wound a few people up and I cannot understand why - maybe you can?

Every vets swears a solomn oath when entering the profession......

''I PROMISE above all that I will pursue the work of my profession with uprightness of conduct and that my constant endeavour will be to ensure the welfare of the animals committed to my care.''

Now I am very sorry if this offends some people - but if your vet is recommending and actively encouraging a practise which is no longer recommended, and could be detrimental to a pet's health - how does that leave you feeling? Because it seriously offends me when I walk into a vets who is still pushing them and in many cases offering them as part of a 'health' package - the mind boggles, it really does

If they don't know that annual vaccination is no longer recommended ..WHY??? don't they know???

Many other vets are onto this and follow current guidelines - which type do you have

The Pet Welfare Alliance has recognised that pet owners need help in 'educating' their vets about vaccines. Their campaign to end over-vaccination is recieving a lot of attention, but also needs your support.

They will help you to send a letter to your vet, boarding kennels or training club - advising them of current recommendations - if you have a vet that is stuck in the mud, get in contact with them and let them help you and your vet.

Lastly..... I would like to point out that I am not 'anti vet' I just don't agree with the current state of affairs in this country, regarding the practise of annual vaccination and what any individual vet can recommend and how that can differ from anothers recommendation.

Some chose to follow current guidelines - some do not - it really is as simple as that, but it's no wonder owners are confused and upset and don't know what to do for the best........I just simply wanted to point out that 'more shots' are not such a good idea and to put YOU the owner in a position where you can decide for yourself.     

The World Small Animal Veterinary Association - WSAVA guidelines on vaccination.

On a more personal note - My family have not annually boosted their dogs for over 27 years now and are very happy with this choice - our dogs rarely get sick, but if ever they do, we will know that this has not been caused by something they did not need to recieve - an annual booster!

Can you honestly say the same - if you continue to annually boost? 

The owner of this website, Mrs Ann Ridyard retains sole copyright to the literature and images herein, they may not be reproduced in anyway without the owners express permission to do so.

Your dog is a carnivore.....

Do I look like I was designed to eat this rubbish??

I am a wolf and don't you forget it !!

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