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True inspirational stories

If you have a story to share, get in touch [email protected]

For those of you considering a raw diet because you are so desperate to help your beloved pet, please read through these stories and see how others have helped their dogs.

If you feed commercially and your dog is still healthy, this is unusual rather than normal, and the older he gets the worse it could be for him, take heed...........

Please share your stories

I would like to use this section to add your stories to, so don't forget if you are viewing this website and have a story you would like to share about the benefits of swapping your dogs over please send it to us marked 'SWAP OVER TALE' to [email protected] with a photo of your dog and we will be happy to add it.

How can a raw diet help dogs with health issues?

Sometimes, a raw diet is all a dog needs to combat any illnesses or diseases he is suffering as a result of his present diet. If a dog's complaint is indeed diet related, then these syptoms usually completely disapear when an owner swaps their dog to a raw diet.

Sometimes the dog is also suffering from vaccine damage see HERE

And sometimes the dog just developes a condition, with no other reason than that for some reason he was pre-disposed to this. When this is the case, some owners will help this specific condition by using supplements, or tweeking the diet to suit their dog's problems.

Whatever your dog's problems are and whatever has caused them, a raw diet will most certainly help you to manage these problems, and very often without the use of drugs.

There are very few dogs who cannot be helped just by making one simple change...........feed them as carnivores and respect their biological system.

Carol's story...........

Swapping to raw feeding was a hard decision for me because Woody was my disabled assistance dog and I had been told during training there were public health risks of giving raw bones to my dog. Judging purely by my dogs breath I would say there is a lot lower public health risk now than on kibble.

The final push to switch to raw came when Woody was diagnosed with arthritis and had to retire but my reasons were much more complex than that. I had been doing a dog training course, one assignment was to research what is in dog food and the potential effects. This lead to me hoping it would help Gnasher's behaviour too.

On three occasions Gnasher got into the bag of Kibble, the final on the day we moved house! This time we didn't realise he'd had the food so called the vet out to what I thought was bloat or torsion, as did the vet but on closer investigation he had a full gut, his life was still at risk due to how kibble expands though. I sat up all night with him and eventually he vomited and vomited, we got a full carrier bag of the stuff, a fair amount still in the doughnut shape it went in. On raw he could still over eat but at least if he did the food does not then grow in the gut.

We didn't find the switching process hard at all, our dogs had none of the minor problems that can occur as your dog’s gut adjusts to real food. Woody needs no treatment now for his arthritis, both dogs have gleaming teeth, no doggie smell or dog breath, Woody has more energy, Gnasher is calmer and we get the pleasure of seeing them enjoy their food.

We are both wheelchair users with complex disabilities and find the process of raw feeding perfectly achievable and enjoyable It is possible to feed a varied balanced diet without doing anything more than ordering food, putting it in the freezer and taking it out, defrosting and then enjoying watching your dog enjoy their food.

Ria - owned by Jytte Smith

 I didn't think I would have a story to tell, but Ria developed SLO - in 2008 when she was just three years old -

I was devastated that my completely raw fed, non vaccinated, and no chemicals dog could develop this.

I went straight to my homoeopathic vet and was prescribed a remedy. I joined the Yahoo SLO Group, as on last link above.

I tried to see what I could find, anywhere, but it is such a rare condition, I don't think any studies have been done. The main "help" is giving lots of extra Omega 3, which I started straight away, and still continue to this day 4+ years later. She was never poorly, and always walked and looked (s) a picture of health, but when the nails came off, obviously the "stumps" were painful until they dried up, I tried to walk on dry ground, and keep off wet grass as much as I could.

She only had one toe that was infected and smelled terrible, and I used a 50/50 mix of Colloidal Silver/HyperCal ( suggested by the vet), sprayed on, so I did not touch her "stumps". I sprayed on all toes before we went a walk, and later in the day also.

On the Yahoo Group, there were lots of photos of peoples' dogs with terrible bleeding toes, most were on anti-biotics, for infections, and some dogs were pts. I suggested a natural diet, and natural treatments, as Ria didn't look half as bad as those pictures, despite losing all her nails ( including dewclaws), except two centre front ones. I never got one civil reply from anyone, they must have thought I was an idiot for not having conventional treatments. The nails came off in a period of about 3-4 months, and the rear ones took a year to grow back, but are always short, as are the inside and outside ones on her front feet.

She had another homoeopathic remedy some time during the nails falling off, but I do not know if it made any difference or not. She never had any conventional drugs at all, Anti Bioticss etc.

I feed her foods with more Biotin in them, eggs with shells, raw liver, and I also suppliment with Spirulina, ASLSeafeed, MSM, all good for hair, skin and nails.

I took her back to the vets about over a year later, for a small lump removal ( foreign body), and the vet said her nails were brilliant, for a dog with SLO, most just have "stumps".

The top photo shows Ria on her 3rd birthday, just when we realised something was wrong, and here she is again, taken recently, at 7+ years old.


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