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Ben's story

Following numerous tests and scans, back in Nov my border collie Ben was opened up for biopsy tests and a thorough check up as he'd been really ill and diagnosis was cancer or similar. He pulled through the op but was still very ill.

Tests came back with no cancer detected but hepertitus! His liver enzyme had gradually increased from 200 up to 958 - wasn't looking good. 

Vet put him on denamarin to try to prolong his days but told us to prepare for the worst.

During January/feb this year his coat was deteriating, looked like mange setting in and very lethargic with liver enzymes down to 600's. We were all prepared incl our 11yr old son for him not to last long. Whilst in pets at home buying some powder (similar to yakult) to help with his upset tummy, started talking to a couple with 2 pups, told them about Ben and they suggested raw feeding. We'd never heard of it so I spent days researching it. Found raw feeding uk and ARSE on fb and I found Elizabeth who has collies and she advised us to go for it.

We took him off all meds and swapped over to raw at beginning of March and haven't looked back. Ben is a different dog, full of joy and loves going out now, his enzymes are still in 400s but supplementing with milk thistle now as liver support. His coat is so glossy now and he is a different dog and we look forward to a few more years now. Only problem is, he cut his penis open on Tuesday and has to be kept quiet until healed - not a easy job.

Oh and by the way Ben is 12.5 yrs old!

Vicky Vrettos

Bandit's story

My GSD Bandit was born with bowed legs and he had a grade 4 heart murmur. On meeting him I fell hopelessly in love and was offered him for free to give him a good home for however long he had.

He was a little fighter of a pup and his legs straightened out completely, he even did agility. However at 18 months old the diarrhea started, blood tests and stool samples showed nothing, so for a year it was a matter of trying to find a food that suited his stomach. Every day for a year I woke up to diarrhea everywhere, even if I set my alarm to take him out during the night, he would still lose control, he was losing weight and condition fast.

I read about the Raw diet but kept putting it off, it sounded too hard, I was scared of him not getting the right nutrition, etc. After 6 months of thinking about it and still having no luck in finding a food that worked for him, I went for it. It took 5 very long weeks of him still having diarrhea and I nearly gave up, then BINGO, his first normal stools in a year! I also realised, feeding raw isn't difficult and any worries I had about getting it completely right vanished when I saw the results.

He thrived on the raw diet for 4 years, he put on weight, so much so that I had to put him on a diet! He was energetic, his coat was wonderful, his teeth were gleaming and most importantly his stools were firm and normal about 90% of the time! His heart murmur was also downgraded from a 4 to a 3! Unfortunately the nature of his condition (Eosinophilic gastroenteritis), which was finally diagnosed in 2010 meant that it would worsen over time and I lost him in January 2012.

I firmly believe though that the raw diet gave him and extra 4 happy, healthy years that he would never have had without it! Both my other GSDs are raw fed, I will never go back to commercial dog foods for them!

Kelly White 

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