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Minnie's story

On the18th May 2012 - I went to view what I was told was a small Shih Tzu cross Maltese but the breeder was happy for her to leave, I didnt realise how small she was until we got her home and compared her to a litter of 6 week old Jack Russells, she was tiny.

I fed her and called the vets as I noticed she was all belly, her belly was allmost touching the floor so we took her straight in for a quick check over, was told she was healthy enough but possibly had worms and we was to take her back the next day. My husband took her back on the 19th may to the vets, where she was weighed 0.58kg, we were given panacur worming liquid for her, advised to feed hills science plan for small dogs, as this was the 'best food' for her and she was also given her first vaccination.

We decided the vets knew best and fed her the hills science plan, she had the runs and the food was going straight through her but us not knowing better continued to feed for maybe a week until I decided enough was enough and turned to a Raw Feeding UK for advice, was told she should never of had her first vaccination, as she was too small and poorly and was also advised to dump the hills science plan and to start her on raw chicken which I did. She did have a bit of an upset stomach on the switch but within days she was a completely differant dog, the runs stopped the weight starting going on to her and within 4 weeks she was up to 1kg in weight. The vets tried to advise me against raw saying it was bad for her and she will not thrive on it, to which I replied ''she's doing much better on raw than she was on the hills science and she had gained weight'' so I was happy, but the vet was not. She has since gone from minced chicken to eating everything and really enjoying it. She's now a very healthy 5 month old who enjoys her raw diet, has no longer needed to see the vet as all the problems we had in the early days have now gone

Logan's story

Sugg's story, owned by Emma Burgess

This is Logan he is my 3 year old Newfoundland, for the first 18 months he was fed a good quality commercial diet – or so I thought. He was never the best eater and having a Labrador who wolfed down everything in seconds I worried about him, he would go days without eating and he suffered bouts of severe diarrhea, and always loose stools – believe me a Newfie with the runs is not good especially has he got bigger.

On quite a few occasions I would wake up to find he had relieved himself all over my room floor, I would go to the vets where he would be checked out, given medication and I was told to feed a bland diet of chicken and rice. The chicken and rice never helped and I started to wonder what if he doesn’t tolerate chicken or rice and that’s when I started my research.

I was soon hooked with the method of feeding raw, but it was months before I felt confident to start it. Within a couple of days of raw feeding, his poo was solid and he hasn’t had diarrhoea or been to the vets once in the twelve months since been fed raw. He hasn’t missed one meal and always looks forward to everything that is offered him.

There is no going back now, my only regret is that I didn’t raw feed earlier.

Dawn Holsworth

Mia's story

Mia is now a 4 year old Pomeranian x longhaired Chihuahua the product of an accidental mating (not by me) We fell in love at first sight and bought her home at 12 weeks to meet our 1 year old gsd who was already raw fed.

Mia had been weaned on to bakers and I was definite that that was going to change but for some reason I was reluctant to try raw maybe I was in the mindset that she was so tiny that little dogs somehow are different. 

Anyway I joined a forum for little dog owners and did some reading and was quickly led to believe that bringing up a toy breed was much harder than a large breed. One thing I was told to beware of was hypoglycaemia. 

Now I had changed Mia onto some sample packs of different “good “quality kibble and spent her first few weeks panicking because she really wasnot impressed at all. I tried hand feeding but even that didn’t really work. I was expecting her to collapse at any moment. 

Well at after about 3 months of this I decided to try some raw chicken, after all we had plenty for Whispa my gsd. Mia tucked in with no delay. 

Ok I thought let’s carry on and within days my fussy little toy breed was gulping down all sorts. I tentatively tried her on a chicken wing and a few crunches later it was all gone. 

Well now she is 4 years old very healthy beautiful coat and gets many lovely comments not to mention looks of amazement when I explain how she is fed. She eats everything my GSD and Flat coat retriever eat and I am sure if I gave her the whole chicken carcass she would have good try at demolishing it too then go POP !

I even had a debate with a long time breeder of toys regarding raw feeding who was horrified and angry that I dare risk my dog’s health in such a way. Oh well win some lose some and anyway I felt the same about the breeder using kibble.

I suppose the moral of our story is toys aren’t different to big dogs they are only toys by classification and should be treated just like larger breeds. Yes they need handling more carefully and I always keep my bigger two separate from little one when I am not around to supervise but when we go out she keep up with them and will run happily for a couple of hours.

Chris and Mia

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