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 Breeze's story, owned by Marie Harrison-Young

  I have 3 dogs who I recently changed to the raw diet at the beginning of October 2012, breeze a female 2 year old German shepherd, Ozlo - a male 4 year old cavalier King Charles and Cody, a 1 year old whippet cross greyhound.

 My main reason for trying this diet is I'd heard it can be good for dogs with skin problems and as my German shepherd has been suffering for 18 months or so with a severe itching skin that she would chew until it bled and then would become infected and very sore. Also my cavalier King Charles suffers with severe anul gland problems an has to have them regularly emptied and has become impacted and needed to be flushed on one occasion, my whippet cross greyhound has no known illnesses. Iv tried various kibble based diets including James well beloved, eukanuba, royal canin, chappie, csj, collards and orijen all with varying results but never really making a huge difference in their health and they where never really that excited about the food and would often go a couple days refusing to eat.

 I was nervous to start with especially about the chicken wings but they absolutely love this diet and are so enthusiastic, they happily crunch through the chicken bones and love all aspects from chunks to offal to bone and the affects I've noticed in just a short space of time is unbelievable, Breeze's skin has dramatically improved, she no longer scratches and chews through out the entire day so her skin is having the time it needs to heal, she's more relaxed her coat is becoming softer and she enjoys her food now which is a joy to watch :)smile

Ozlos scooting to relieve any irritation of his anal glands has almost stopped and his coat is improving nicely, I've also noticed an improvement in his activity, as he suffers with slight heart trouble that causes him to be 'miserable' as I jokingly call him, usually a little sluggish, lying around a lot but this week I've seen him playing with the other two and even caught him chasing one of the cats which was a surprise :)smile

Cody hasn't really got any issues health wise so haven't noticed much as such with him, but his coat is feeling much softer. All in all I'm am over the moon with my dog's improving health and their enthusiasm for their food - and all in 3 short weeks.

I am so pleased I took the decision to change to the raw diet and am looking forward to their health getting even better. 

Sugg's story, owned by Emma Burgess

Hi - my name is Suggs (I was my mums moment of madness!!), when she rescued me I was approx 5 weeks old, I had been abandoned, tied to a chair on the streets of a seaside town. I've always been a big baby and was really scared when mum took me home to meet my new family. I was scabby, flea ridden, worm infested and generally very under the weather - no-one knew if I would survive as I didn't know what food was either. Mum was quite good, she got up during the night and gave me some goats milk - the place I came from gave mum my "normal food" but I didn't like that. The milk was lovely and after a week I started to put on weight. Then I got Chicken, yes real, fresh, raw chicken, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Mums vet wasnt too impressed that she didn't buy "proper" food or treatments from the surgery but I was loving it and by the time I was 3 months old even the vets said how wonderful I looked!! I am nearly 2 now and have never been back to the vets .....although my friends who don't have the great food seem to go a lot. 

Note from Mum: Since having Suggs, he has been my healthiest dog ever, raw food is definately the way forward for me, I've saved money on vets bills and when you get the feeding right Raw is cheaper than kibble/wet food. I will never look back - here's my boy nowadays, a happy, healthy shiny coated man:)

Griffin's story, owned by Peta Stanley

My German Shepherd, Griffin is 3 years old. For the past 18 months he has really suffered with itchy skin and sore eyes. We had taken him to the vet on numerous occasions where he had been prescribed with steroids which worked for a short time then it would all start again, then he’d be given antihystermine, anti-inflammatories, shampoos, skin scraps. The list goes on and on. Nothing ever worked long term and he spent his life sitting there at any opportunity scratching with me constantly trying to distract him. He’d have open sores on his tummy in particular and scabs all along his back, behind his ears and down his legs.

I can’t even remember how I came across raw feeding as a possible answer to his problems. My oven cleaning man had told me about his wife raw feeding their 4 dogs. I found the whole thing very scary, particularly as I am vegetarian. The more I read about raw feeding the more I was determined to give it a go. There was so much help and advice from everyone on the FB Raw Feeding site that I jumped in and swapped Griffin onto a raw diet.

Every 2 weeks he had been having a shampoo and blow dry from the dog wash lady to try and help his skin. He has now been on raw for a month, along with my 8 year old Labrador and just recently my 8 week old working Cocker Spaniel. They all just love it.

Today the dog wash lady arrived and I had been avoiding questions from family and friends recently about whether Griffin’s skin had improved since he’d been on raw, because I didn’t want to get my hopes up, but I had noticed he had barely been scratching in the last 10 days and I wasn’t having to wipe his eyes each morning and throughout the day. Now the pesimist that I am wasn’t expecting the results I have now got today. Whilst the lady was blow drying today I asked to see his back and I was astonished to find that there wasn’t a single scab to be seen on his back, just healthy clean skin. He still has a couple of marks on his tummy but I think that’s from the long term scabs and sores he had there.

I am trying to encourage all my friends to try and swap to raw as some of their dogs show classic kibble symptons, runny bottoms, lumps on their bodies etc etc. Even if they don’t swap, I know that I have completely done the right thing for my 3 doggies.

Raw is best for sure.

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