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More swapover tales.........

Pepsi & Charlie, owned by Anne Wood

My two labs, Pepsi and Charlie - who are now 3 yrs old, have been raw fed since around 7 months. I wanted to tell you about a couple of things that have really re-affirmed my decision to switch them to raw. About 4-5 mnths ago, Pepsi came in from playing in the garden and we notices she was bleeding from her paw. We checked and she had split one of her nails. it was split right down and the nerve was exposed and it was bleeding quite a bit. part of the nail was dangling off, so we kept it clean and took her to the vet the next day.

The vet removed the part of the nail that was dangling and checked it over. He explained that often they need to get the whole nail removed when this

happens, but would leave it a few days to see how it settled before making any decison on whether surgery was necessary. We kept it clean with salt water and kept it covered for a few days to avoid infection. We returned to the vets 10 days later. A different vet looked at her nail. She asked which nail it was and we told her. The vet said, no it couldn't be that nail - there was not even a trace of injury, it had healed 100%. The vet checked all her other nails as she didn't believe it could be that one as 'this kind of injury cannot heal this quickly' - but it was and it did. I explained to the vet I firmly beleived it was because Pepsi is in such healthy condition due to being raw fed.

phew...long post I know, apologies, but just need to share this last bit.....

Last Wednesday, Charlie came in from the garden limping. We checked his paw and he had sliced of a bit of the hard pad in the middle of one of his feet (the main, large pad) It was completely red raw and the pad was hanging on by a thread. We cleaned the wound with some salt water, put a wee dressing on it and made a wee sock bandage so it would keep clean. it was our intention to take him to the vet the next day.

We checked it the next day and the pit of pad that was hanging on had came off itself, so we cleaned it again and put the dressing back on. The next day (Friday) we decided to take the sock bandage off and let the air get to it, we would keep an eye on it. Saturday morning, we noticed Charlie was no longer limping, we checked his paw and had to look very carefully to see the wound. It had already started healing over and new pad growing - the soft red raw bit from before was hard again and it was almost completely fine - we did not even have to go to the vets. I firmly believe my dogs have healed so well and so quickly becuase of the way we feed them. They are absolutely in tip top condition and their immune systems are obviously working great. And its all down to raw feeding :)

Baxter's story, owned by Sarah-Jo

Bulldog, dob 13/05/2009

Baxter has been fed dried dog food all his life, with the occasional meaty bone (chicken carcass/pigs trotters) after doing a little research into different commercial dog foods I chose to change his food in August 2010 to a grain-free kibble: Fish4Dogs.

It seemed to suit him...nice coat, clean ears, firm poo. In May 2012 the fur on his flanks started to thin and his skin under the thinning patches looked red and sore it didn't bother him at all, it wasn't itchy and didn't seem sore at all, just looked unsightly. I didn't think it could be diet related as we'd had no issues with the food since starting 21 months prior.

Initially I used Sudocrem but it made no difference. I spoke to other bulldog owners who had dogs that seemed to be experiencing the same issues...many had made several visits to the vets and undergone numerous tests that were inconclusive, seasonal alopecia seemed to be a common diagnosis.

I would have gone to the vets had the patches got worse as I had been doing my own research and for peace of mind wanted to rule out thyroid issues, but in the meantime I went on to try MSM cream and an anti-bacterial spray DermOpt, along with kelp and garlic supplements.

I stopped with all the lotions and potions after seeing no change at all and started Baxter on a raw diet around about 20/8/2012. His skin seems to be improving daily, almost before our very eyes and the latest photographs taken 16/09/2012 almost a month into raw and the difference is amazing, the redness has almost completely gone and the fur is growing back lovely.

He's always liked eating but this raw diet has taken it to a whole new level, he enjoys every meal with passion, it's lovely to watch, and knowing I'm doing what's best and seeing amazing results so early on is a fantastic. My only regret is not starting sooner. x


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