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List of breeders who naturally rear their puppies

Are you looking for a naturally reared puppy?....... Please do not take these links as an endorsement of recommendation, you should always personally check out any breeder you intend to buy a puppy from regardless of the methods they chose to rear their puppies.

The list of breeders below are all natural rearers.

If you are a raw feeder and rear your puppies this way, please contact us at 

[email protected] to be added to the list 

German Sheapherds

Krisannrio German Shepherds 

Assured breeders of long coated German Shepherds

All breeding stock health tested 

We raw wean our litters and strive to find homes who will continue to feed our pups as they deserve to be fed - like a carnivore ! We don't annually vaccinate our dogs either......

Rockforce German Shepherds 

The Rockforce stud provides health tested, long coated studs to approved bitches

All breeding stock health tested 

Osketra German Shepherds 

Assured breeders of long coated German Shepherds

All breeding stock health tested 

Breeding stock are non-vaccinated

Bridgeview German Shepherds 

All breeding stock health tested 

Shekinah German Shepherds

All breeding stock health tested 

No annual vaccs for our dogs either

Golden Retrievers

Watamusand Golden Retrievers

French & English Bulldogs

Jemarlie Bull Breeds

Breeders of French and English Bulldogs

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

Royalston Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

Ms R E Chapman & Mr H A Wheeler






Ceearott Rottweilers 

Natual rearers of Rottweilers

Bernese Mountain Dogs

 Santala Bernese Mountain Dogs

Terry & Satu Bateman



Northern Inuits

Honiahaka Northern Inuits 

Natual rearers of Northern Inuits

Estrela Mountain Dogs

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