The Dog's Dinner - by Ann Ridyard

Raw feeding for dogs

                Sorry -  but these pics really are C*** !!


What we put into our dog's mouth, reflects what will come out the other end    Different foods produce different coloured poops, learning to combine foods to produce the 'perfect poop' is a practised art!! 

Here is a typical poop from a dog who has begun to detox - note the mucus round the stool and the blood spots in it.


Below is the result of feeding a long term raw fed dog too much liver !!  So you can imagine the effect too much would have on the newly swapped dog - treat liver and kidney with the respect it deserves, or it won't be poo bags you will be needing, it will be vacuum hose    

This is not a dreadful poop, but it is by no means perfect, too much bone methinks, next meal add more meat !  


Below  is exactly the type of poop which your dog needs to avoid producing too often, we all get the odd 'white crumbly one'  but if this is happening on a regular basis, then you seriously need to look at the bone content of your dog's diet as your calcium and phosphorus ratios are going to be all over the place with the longterm feeding of way too much bone !!

Below is a very fine example of a poop !!  Nothing concerns me about this and it is what you are aiming for !!

The perfect poop !!  this is a prey model poop, and the result of feeding a whole raw rabbit, head, fur, organs - the lot !!  You can even see a tooth that hasn't been digested, a perfect example of true waste!!