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This website is designed to provide additional information to that contained in my book The Dog's Dinner - Revisited, by Ann Ridyard  Please make use of all the links provided on this website, to gain maximum benefit.         

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I am constantly looking for stories and experiences to add to this site, to inspire others to change their dog to a raw method of feeding - at the moment we are interested in adding any experiences of the following -

  • Have you recently swapped your dog to raw, if so would you like to share his story? Please email it to including pictures if you can.  There are some examples of other people's experiences and the benefits their dogs have enjoyed and the improvements seen since the dog was swapped to raw HERE
  • Do you own a raw fed bull breed? If so, please share your story to encourage other owners to raw feed theirs, email story and any pictures to and they will be added HERE
  • Do you raw feed your Dalmatian or any other breed prone to urinary stones, which needs a diet low in purines? If so we would like to hear from you, same address as above for stories and pictures, which will be displayed HERE 
  • Do you own a dog raw fed who suffers with EPI? Would you like to share your story on how the raw diet alone can manage these poor dogs and take away the need for expensive drugs? If so, please get in touch and help others to help their dogs.  Stories can be sent to the above email.


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Natural rearers list for UK


This site has a list of natural rearers, if you are looking for a raw weaned puppy, please check it out HERE, if you are a UK raw breeder, please contact us at to be added to the list.           



The diet according to Mother Nature......

This diet fits all shapes and sizes 


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