The Dog's Dinner - by Ann Ridyard

Raw feeding for dogs

                          Eggs are eggcellent !!

They are little pods of natural goodness, which contain a whole host of nutrients and by adding a couple of raw eggs to your dog's diet every week, you can provide him with 14 vitamins, 11 minerals and a small amount of Omega 3 - on the downside they contain much more Omega 6 than 3, so don't go crazy with them! 

 You can hugely increase the amount of Omega 3s and other nutrients in the egg, by choosing free range, or 'Omega 3' eggs, and  if the chicken that laid your dog's egg had edible worms in his diet, so much the better !   


Sometimes dogs don't like eggs, there are a couple of things you can do to help with this.  Try whisking them with a fork and adding them to a favourite mince, mixing well.

Most dogs usually like the yolk, so if you can interest your dog in just this to begin with, then there is more chance he will eat the whole egg, when beaten.  It's important he does eat the whole egg eventually as the nutritional benefits work better when the egg is served as a whole.

Keep trying and if all else fails, you could very lightly scramble or very lightly poach with a view to getting back to raw eggs.

Even the shell can be fed, a great source of natural calcium, it can be crushed up finely and added to a meal.

Eggs have come full circle - first they were viewed as wonderful, then they were too high in cholesterol, now they are apparently 'good' again.  I have always loved eggs and have always given them to my dogs.

Some people will tell you that raw eggs are not important in a raw diet - I don't agree and see them as almost a vital element.   I also think the many wild living carnivores would consume them on a regular basis and do