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When a commercially fed dog is swapped to raw food..........

His system begins a detoxification period, which can be barely noticible, or can last for months and months.

Toxins which have accumulated in the dog's body as a result of him being fed on commercial food, will be eliminated by the dog and they will exit via the dogs' skin, his ears and his eyes may also become an exit point.

Detox is a healing time for your dog, a chance for him to unload his toxic burden.

He may have outwardly appeared perfectly healthy BEFORE you switched him to raw, but the fact that he is now detoxing shows that things were not quite as they seemed.

Thank goodness he is now able to rid himself of toxins which would almost certainly have taken their toll, if you had continued to commercially feed him.

So what symptoms of detoxification can we expect to see in a dog swapped over to raw feeding?

Some, non or many of the below may be seen........

Very loose stools are considered to be a perfectly normal reaction for a dog who is swapped to raw - but the good news is it is not a reaction seen very often, especially if you have followed the QUICKSTART plan.

Peeps and poops may smell different, stronger, more pungent.

Sometimes poops will contain a little mucus, which looks a bit snotty  also you may see a little blood. HERE

Please check out my guide HERE for raw reactions in the poop and puke department and what you can often experience with the newly swapped dog, as you will read, it is usually nothing to worry about.

As the dog expels a build up of mucus, it could well bring worms your dog may have an overburden of with it, or after it has been expelled - worms thrive on mucus, remove the 'substrate' and the worms will dwindle.

Your dog may smell more 'doggy' than ever, this is very normal as the toxins are being driven out through the dog's skin.

He may suddenly become very itchy.

The detox may affect his coat - he may get dandruff, he may even get weeping sores as he desperately fights to get rid of the toxins he has stored.

Any kind of discharge at this point can be seen as detox - those toxins are driven out if not by one means, then by another.

Ears or eyes may be affected, dogs may develope smelly, itchy ears or weeping eyes.

Some dogs can even loose fur. (Don't worry, it will grow back better than ever before)

Some dogs will become quite lethargic for a while and generally sleep more and for longer. 

So how long is all this likely to take?

How long is a piece of string? ..............

There is something else you need to consider........up to now your dog has had little or no chance of ridding himself of the toxins he may have build up in his system - but now that he has been given this chance, they could well all come flooding out....

These will include toxins from vaccinations to chemical flea and worm treatments - and the more your dog has recieved, the more toxins he may have stored.

All dogs seem to be different in their own personal detox.

Some owners won't even realise it is happening, as it will be so mild and be over very quickly, whereas others could have a nightmare of a time and it could go on for months.

If your dog does experience a bad detox then understand that this is because he had such a lot going on that you couldn't see and is doing his best to heal himself.

A bad detox requires a lot of faith and an equal amount of determination not to give in, it will all come good. 

But what about a dog that is NOT healthy when it is swapped to raw? What about the dogs who have had skin that itched so badly or ears that became so unhealthy that your vet prescibed steroids to get rid of the problem?

It seems to me that Steroids just seem to mask a problem - they don't seem to actually cure it, they can remove the symptoms and so it appears your dog's itchy skin/bad ears is surpressed, but this is a high cost to pay when you consider that the very treatment your vet prescribed to 'cure' his condition is not a 'cure' at all and has now compromised the dog's immune system, which could leave the dog in a very vulnerable state.

When a dog like this is swapped to a raw diet, his body gets to work on removing the steroids (usually cortisone) from his system through his detoxification and now that this has been removed, it can no longer supress the condition it was initially prescribed for..... and so the condition presents itself again, very often even more aggressively and the owner, by now is disillusioned with the raw diet and believes that the swap has made his dog sick again, gives up and immediately plonks the poor dog back on the very thing which caused all this in the first place - commercial food !!

The good news is that in the very vast majority of dogs who are kept on a raw diet and allowed to heal (detox) will rid themselves of these conditions; as the biologically appropriate food they are now being fed will work in harmony with all their systems.

Can we help our dog during his detox?

Yes, sometimes we can, but inevetably the detox will run its course and you can only help to ease symptoms by using a natural product, which will aid his detox and help him to deal with issues.

The very worst thing you could do at this stage is to take him to a conventional vet, he does not need anti biotics, or steroids, they will just make things much harder for him in the long run, as then he will have to detox from them too !!

Regular bathing with a natural product such as Aloe Vera will help an itchy dog cope. The bathing will remove the bacteria building on his skin, which is causing the itching and it will also sooth and cool. It can also be applied topically or taken internally and will not compromise your dog's detox in any way. I have used Forever Living Aloe Vera products myself and found them to be excellent, you can be redirected and read more about them and how they could help HERE

For inflamed and irritated areas of the skin, you could also try using pure Grape Seed Oil, rub lightly over affected areas after bathing. Grape Seed Oil can also be used to clean debris which has accumulated in the dog's ears, apply a few drops and massage in, then take a pad of lint or gauze and clean where you can reach, then apply Aloe Gel.

If your dog experiences a bad detox, then I would like to recommend a friend of mine, who owns a company called 'Naturally Heathly Dogs' Julie is very knowlegeable with natural healthcare and she can help and advise you get your dog through detox using only completely natural preparations.

"At NHD (Naturally Healthy Dogs) we stock and sell many Natural Healthcare Products from well known, respected companies including Dorwest Veterinary, Higher Nature, Moxxor, NeemGenie etc., covering a wide range of health conditions, working ‘with’ the body, providing gentle but strong and effective help to overcome health challenges for you and your pet.

We do not list every single product, but am very happy to discuss if we have a suitable product, and have a number of Blogs to help you learn more about our products."

You can redirect to 'Natually Healthy Dogs' HERE

The owner of this website, Mrs Ann Ridyard retains sole copyright to the literature and images herein, they may not be reproduced in anyway without the owners express permission to do so.

Your dog is a carnivore.....

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