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Katie-Lisa Jackson's story

My dogs have only been on raw for 3 months. Firstly a hand reared red brindle and white SBT bitch, Keyda. A friend of mine told me about raw after I broke down crying........... Keyda was at the vets fighting for her life at 4 years old, she was my world and I thought I'd loose her. The vets told me they couldnt find anything wrong with her, but after doing lots of research, I knew it was the kibble I'd been feeding her most of her life. She had always been ill and I never saw an end to it, constantly trying different dog foods.

I was so happy my girl survived and I put her onto raw, saying to myself "I have nothing to loose, kibble is killing my girl anyway" After a week Keyda was loving her new diet, eating everything. A month later and her coat is looking great. I've kept a weekly diary of her food, so I know what shes eating.

3 months down the line shes looking happier and heathly and has no problems with the bones and has never been agressive about her food. Keyda is on raw for life now!!

Keyda eats everything raw I put infront of her. I feed her minced meats, chunks and any meat on the bone, my local butcher saves me his pigs trotters and beef rips - Keyda loves them. I've never had a problem with any bones, she loves whole chickens, she is slowly getting used to offel and has her off days with it. She has started eating whole raw fish happly. I never dreamed my dog could enjoy her food so much!

After 2 months of feeding Keyda on raw, my mother came to me very upset, she had rescused a brindle SBT puppy bitch called Elsie May, she was in a bad state very thin and her skin was so bad she was bleeding constantly.

The vets had said it was allergies and even though my mum had had Elsie May for 4 months she was not getting any better and refusing to eat. So the next day I took Keyda and her food to see my mum, I told her about raw she said she would try anything. That day Elsie May licked her bowl clean and asked for more!!

A week later she was still loving her food and for the first time was putting on weight!!! We were all so happy. A month down the line for Elsie May, she is a little fussy she only like chunks or whole wings, thighs, fish ect but she is now a perfect weight for her age and best of all her skin is clearing up.

She is still covered in scabs but they are healing and her fur is growing back shiny and glossy. My mum now agrees with me totally and Elsie May is on raw for life too!!

Elsie May has been more fussy then Keyda, she does not like any minced foods but will happly eat any whole prey, from rabbits-fish, her favorite food is duck wings and chicken feet, she eats them like shes eating candy. She also has to have her offal blended and frozen inside a pigs trotter to get her to eat it.

But from being such a fussy dog who rarely ate, she now loves all meaty bones and whole fish and chicken.

In short my dogs are now happy and healthy thanks to the raw diet and I tell everyone that will listen to me about it. I will never go back to "dog food" im a raw feeder for life.

The owner of this website, Mrs Ann Ridyard retains sole copyright to the literature and images herein, they may not be reproduced in anyway without the owners express permission to do so.

Your dog is a carnivore.....

Do I look like I was designed to eat this rubbish??

I am a wolf and don't you forget it !!

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