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Jessica Parson's story

I have a four year old staffordshire bull terrier called Lottie and I have been raw feeding for approximately 1 year now big  I chose to swap to raw after meeting Honeys real dog food at Crufts and read through their book and discovered the truth about pet foods.

Lottie had a brief detox that included some vomiting and some diarrhoea, but was over quickly and within two weeks she was enjoying raw as if she had never been on anything else.

I have never had any trouble with her on raw. She chews big and small bones from the butchers and is what I would call experienced with bones now. She was very shy with them to begin with and gradually got into them, so no swallowing whole here!

I have found she needs more fish or oil than my other dog/my brothers dog, to keep her coat and skin in its best condition. I do not give any weight baring bones but I do chop up chicken on the bone/chicken carcass as she does try to swallow these whole. She is in great condition, has clear ears eyes nose, is no longer gassy, much easier to pick up after, is calmer and has lovely white teeth.

Best decision I have ever made, swapping to raw  oh and you might find it interesting to know, it has taken a year for the pigment staining to start to fade from her feet, she is very sensitive to chemicals and what not, in commercial feed so the staining comes and goes, depending on what shes eaten, but lately they have started to look a lot better

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Your dog is a carnivore.....

Do I look like I was designed to eat this rubbish??

I am a wolf and don't you forget it !!

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