The Dog's Dinner - by Ann Ridyard

Raw feeding for dogs

Breaking the raw diet down........

The picture chart below shows the way the raw diet should be broken down, as you can see it is a lot of meat, to a little bone and organ meat.

Reminding ourselves of the recommended breakdown:- 

70-80% meat - 10-20% bone - 10% organ meat  


 The lightest area of the chart allows for individual tailoring to suit your dog - he may need a higher bone content in his diet than 10% - He may do better with an 80% meat content - these ranges allow for flexibility within the diet.

I never personally weigh any meat or bone anymore, I know from experience that we feed around 20% bone and sometimes a little more   My visualisation of a lot of this (meat) and a little of that (organ meat) and some of those (bones) has always worked well for our dogs - if I am doubt that we are getting it right, a poop inspection lets me know if I have gone overboard with the bones, or if I fed a little too much organ meat.

Owners new to a raw feeding method can very often complicate things, by worrying too much about weights and measures, but initially when starting out it is a good idea to see the amounts you are aiming for in black and white.  

This is why I thought a chart showing how much of each element of the raw diet should fed weekly, it is merely a reference point though and the last thing I would want to see is an owner stressing over every last gram or ounce - use it as a general guide to check up on your own menu now and then  

This chart is approximate and has been rounded up or down, it will only work if you feed you dog 2.5% of his bodyweight daily.






You will notice that while there is flexibility within the meat and bone - the organ meat stays constant at 10% - 5% of this should be taken from liver, so to find out how much liver you should be feeding in one week, simply half the organ meat figure  simples!

 This chart makes it very apparent how little liver is actually needed in the diet, even the heavy weight topping the scales at 50 kilos requires less than 1lb of liver each week - just 435 grams!