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Zak's journey

Posted by Ann Ridyard on 1 February, 2013 at 0:50 Comments comments (184)

Zak is a German Shepherd owned by Susan Benson Barrows, this blog is their story.......

Diary of ‘possible’ - EPI (Exocrine Pancriatic Insufficency), - Vitamin B12 Defficency, - SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth) - IBD (Irritable Bowel Desease) or IBS

I say ‘possible’ as it is yet unconfirmed by our vets.

I am writing this diary for two reasons – 1. To find help from other dog owners that may have experienced simi...

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Your dog is a carnivore.....

Do I look like I was designed to eat this rubbish??

I am a wolf and don't you forget it !!

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