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we had one of our first full week away since getting our second dog a gsd bitch who was born into rescue but fostered and weened on raw - she has always eaten with gusto to the point we had to buy a non gulp dish to control the speed in which she ate. i have fed our other dog raw (a 4year old dog) who was also raised on raw. They had a dummy run in a local kennels for a weekend to ensure everything would be ok and all was, they ate and no problems to report. we have since come back from a week away and although the kennels say she ate all her food only very slowly - she hasnt eaten since being home since saturday.. I'm aware that i dont want to create a fussy eater but am slightly concerned why the change since coming home, and that she shows no interest in the food - which she used to love so much - i initally put it down to the weather but obviously she really should be starving and her tummy is rumbling. she is 100% normal in her behaviour and still very energetic. we havemt changed supplier and our other dog who generally doesnt like the heat (both are long haired) is eating well. Help..   

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