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Hi there. I'm looking into raw feeding, at this stage I'm looking at all the options. However, before I go any further, can anyone offer advice on feeding to a 7month basset who's recently (9th July) been given all clear from liver shunt?  We believe it may have been hereditary although not completely sure but he would have had the shunt since birth. He was born 8/1, we bought him home in April and one week later was diagnosed. He had a major op back in May and since his diagnosis until now he's only been allowed Purina HA. he's been given all clear and can introduce other foods now. So, I'd like to make sure that raw will NOT cause him any health problems. The reason I'm interested is that every afternoon (never morning), his poo is very runny. This has been going on since end June (way before changing his food from Purina). It just started happening; every late afternoon poo is horrible!  The morning/early PM ones are normal, if maybe a little soft. Tests are all clear and antibiotics didn't do anything, and I'm reluctant to keep him on tablets. 

Id be grateful for any comments. Thanks 

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Hi, my Papillon has had liver shunt, was given antibiotics to stop anypotential illnesses, and lactlouse for her stools. I had fed on Royal Canin Junior and some raw meats mixed, but obviously have found that that is not a good idea. I looked for a source of organic food where ever I could as she needed 30% meat and 70% vegetables. She was anorexic and refused to drink water, even syringed. Would have to fill my mouth up with spring water and drip feed it to her as this was the only way she would take it.  I had just over 4 months of hell as she went into detoxification, lost all her coat and went down from a healthy 4lb+ 10 month old to just under 2lb in weight. She would be in the point of collapse many a time, and did wonder if I was being fair to her, but she was fighting, and felt that I should give her that chance. She is now fed on a normal raw fed diet, is over 4lb in weight, has her coat back and is a cheeky little devil.  Raw is the dogs natural food, so hence, do not hesitate to think about going to raw.  By the way, within two weeks of being diagnosed, I stopped all medications, so it was mainly raw meat and fruit and vegetables that she was fed in the stage of detoxification..

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